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Longline Environment

Our focus is delivering value-added services to the aquaculture and fisheries sectors. We apply outcomes of research on aquatic systems for practical management applications. We have a combined experience of decades in research and its application to estuarine and coastal issues, and optimise cost-benefit, tapping into a worldwide network of contacts and taking full advantage of a flat world.

The company was established in the United Kingdom in 2005, and has close ties with academia, enabling us to stay current in research advances. We constantly seek to advance the quality of our portfolio of services through research and development, working in conjunction with academic institutions, allowing us to maintain a clear focus on problem solving and product delivery.


Longline Environment has excellent links to major research institutions throughout the world. The company retains a number of experts in catchment and bay-scale modelling, and focuses on interdisciplinary questions combining expertise in hydrology, oceanography, systems analysis and environmental management.

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