Aquaculture Insurance


Risk Assessment

We provide risk assessment support services to aquaculture insurance entities wanting to receive further analysis about production and environmental risks for individual farms or for zones with several farms. Our modelling tools allow us to provide insights for offshore and onshore aquaculture, including for a wide range of commercial aquaculture species.

Aquaculture Surveys

Longline aquaculture surveys is comprised of a trusted network of collaborators from around the world who can carry out surveys for aquaculture insurance companies. Through our survey service, we provide clients with qualified collaborators for a variety of culture practices and species and an extensive geographic reach.

Market Intelligence

We assist aquaculture insurance companies and brokers through our market intelligence develop strategic emerging markets where there is limited availability of aquaculture insurance coverage. Using our market intelligence services, we are able to tap into a trusted network of partners, academics and aquaculture farms in some of the largest aquaculture markets, providing an assessment of the viability and challenges of expanding aquaculture insurance.

Insurance Information

Aquaculture insurance information outlines the basics of aquaculture insurance coverage as a risk-transfer mechanism. We outline some of the insurance constraints, the types of species eligible for cover, the perils aquaculture insurance covers for offshore and onshore systems.

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Disclaimer: Longline Environment Ltd does not provide underwriting or brokerage services or any other service regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Any information contained herein is for informative purposes only and should in no way be construed as insurance advice.