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Aquaculture modelling is the future. Determine the sustainable level of production for your offshore or onshore aquaculture farms, improving profitability and environmental stewardship.

Environmental consulting for water bodies. Ecological modelling for coastal and estuarine systems, development scenarios, regulatory assessments and other marine advisory issues.

Data solutions leverage our modelling. GIS, water quality databases and data entry are essencial for aquaculture site selection, carrying capacity studies and other bespoke applications.

Aquaculture Insurance Services

Dedicated agri-business risk services for insurance stakeholders. A global mandate for risk assessment studies, insurance surveys and market intelligence across the aquaculture insurance supply chain.

Longline Mobile

Explore aquaculture species suitability to obtain a high resolution identification of relevant spatial areas. WATER integrates diverse datasets, pairing environmental and species parameters, to provide powerful analytics for aquaculture.

Ports and Harbours

Ports and Harbours

Risk management advisory for ports and harbours and respective environmental challenges. We incorporate inter-disciplinary science to promote the sustainable development of coastal industries.