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Our company provides a balanced approach to solving environmental problems in coastal systems, with a focus on sustainable solutions. Our mission is to execute all our operations with the utmost integrity, and to deliver answers which accurately reflect our knowledge of any system. We do not use models to exceed our understanding or to compromise natural resources for future generations.

At Longline Environment customer service is everything. Every client has a unique perspective and we offer a personalised service in order to take on board their needs and to apply all our energies to meet them.

Guiding Principles

Longline strives to produce impartial and rigorous environmental solutions using the latest techniques available, seeking to create and consolidate business relationships. We aim to respect the economic and social aspects of communities where we operate. In order to best serve our clients' interests, we follow these guidelines:

1. The client's interest comes first.

We try and deliver more than is expected, working to go that extra step for the client. We aim to maintain high standards and address client problems as if they were our own.

2. Deliver the best to our clients at the most cost effective price.

We expect our people to go the extra mile, be creative and resourceful, finding ways to optimise costs and scale methods every step of the way.

3. Use models to reduce uncertainty.

We incorporate our client's problems into models to identify the fundamental issues at stake. The combination of our scientific models and economic analysis are just some of the tools we use to our client's advantage.

4. Integrate the best knowledge from research.

Research is the pillar of our existence. We actively engage in ecological and aquaculture research. Our company bases itself upon rigorous scientific techniques published in peer reviewed journals.

5. Provide imparcial advice.

We stay independent and able to disagree, regardless of the popularity of our views. We aim to leverage our operations, without compromising quality and seek to implement creative solutions.

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