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Where we come from

Our vision is to challenge the status quo in aquaculture and fisheries.

Our background and experience in the commercialisation of research allows us to take full advantage of this horizontal world to your advantage. We work with private sector companies, public institutions and government agencies that wish to tap into this know-how and access in order to solve environmental quality challenges for aquaculture and fisheries.

Longline Environment could not have existed ten years ago - it has been made possible through the development of technological solutions which have flattened the world. We live in remarkable times, all of us can make the most of skills, opportunities and pricing across the world. This is the case with many industries, including research, technology and development. These principles are embedded in the value-added services we provide to the aquaculture and fisheries sectors.

We specialise in the scaling issues which make these types of problems so complex, and build bridges across interfaces, such as between ecology and socio-economics. We develop and use highly aggregated screening models to support stakeholders and managers.

Our flagship services include modelling for offshore and onshore aquaculture farms, determining the sustainable production and environmental outputs needed to achieve sustainability and profitability, using cutting edge modelling tools and techniques. We also provide several other value-added services including aquaculture development scenarios for marine systems, regulatory assessments, certification issues and GIS applications.

Our advisory projects are based on the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. We tackle a range of issues in our advisory projects, ranging from aquaculture carrying capacity studies for licensing to ecological modelling for water bodies. We continue to develop modelling tools geared towards the analysis of ecosystems and aquaculture operations.

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