Aquaculture Insurance


Added Value

We provide advisory services to aquaculture insurance underwriters and brokers who are looking to penetrate markets with little local aquaculture insurance availability. Our knowledge of different aquaculture markets means that we are able to provide advisory services regarding penetration strategies for different aquaculture producing countries.

Emerging Markets

Many of the largest aquaculture producers around the world are considered emerging markets in insurance terms. Each market requires a bespoke approach in order to achieve a successful entry to market. We work with local contacts and institutions from all the major continents in order to maximise efficiency and we maintain a complete database of over 400 aquaculture farms in more than 50 countries.

Local Knowledge

Wherever possible we leverage our local knowledge to support the development of aquaculture insurance. Around the world, aquaculture insurance underwriters, brokers and farms can benefit from our experience.

If you would like to know more about any of our insurance services or have any questions talk to us.

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