Aquaculture Insurance


Our Approach

We provide risk assessment support services for aquaculture insurance and related sectors. Using a range of modelling tools, we are able to identify risk factors with respect to production and environmental issues. We employ sound scientific techniques, including biomass modelling and remote sensing in order to profile risk.

Scope of services

Using aquaculture modelling for risk assessment purposes is especially relevant for geographic areas where aquaculture insurers do not possess significant experience in local culture practices and in regions where language and cultural differences can be the source of misunderstandings. Provided adequate data is available, we can provide valuable assistance with risk selection.


Risk assessment through aquaculture modelling can be performed for single or multiple aquaculture sites and for a variety of species including, finfish, bivalve shellfish and shrimp. Our modelling capabilities also are applied for monoculture as well as integrated multi-trophic aquaculture setups.

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