Aquaculture Insurance



Longline's aquaculture survey are performed by our network of collaborators who are aquaculture specialists from around the world. The majority of our collaborators are doctorates with ample experience in aquaculture. We cover a wide variety of species and culture setups.

Global Reach

With collaborators all around the world, we cover a variety of aquaculture growing regions. Our added-value is to provide trusted surveyors on the ground, who are bi-lingual and who possess detailed knowledge of the local market. With this we are able to provide a competent and unbiased assesment of risk. Our geographic reach includes Europe, Asia, South and Central America and North America. We maintain over 10 surveyors in different areas of the world, including China, Vietnam, Brazil and others.


Longline aquaculture surveyors are provided guidelines in order to perform a comprehensive assessment of aquaculture operations. In addition to the completed guidelines a final survey report is delivered.

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