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SAMS is one of the oldest marine research institutions in the world and is a centre of excellence for the study, education, promotion of marine science. SAMS research has contributed to the societal understanding of the marine environment in subjects as diverse as: biological oceanography, coastal and fjordic marine environments, physics, biogeochemistry.

Longline provides modelling and advisory services, data solutions and insurance services for the aquaculture, fisheries and water quality industries. Aquaculture modelling addresses the key environmental, social and economic issues faced by farmers, regulators and water managers. Longline's modelling platform has the largest range of species in the aquaculture industry.

The Scottish Salmon Company is one of the leading Atlantic salmon farming companies in the world with sites located in the West Coast and Islands of Scotland. The Scottish Salmon Company supplies the UK market and exports to customers worldwide, representing approximately 20% of Scottish farmed salmon production and employ around 400 staff.

The Ardtoe Marine Laboratory was originally established in 1965 as a publicly funded aquaculture research station, and rapidly gained an international reputation in the development of techniques for rearing species such as turbot, sole, cod, haddock, halibut, lobsters and scallops. Viking houses some of the largest marine experimental facilities in the UK.

The Suf Fish mariculture company established in 1992, began rearing marine fish in cages in 1993 in the Red Sea. The farm was expanded, all the while dealing in aquaculture research to improve production. Suf Fish established a net-cage fish farm adjacent to the Port of Ashdod, Suf Fish continues to carry out work aimed at enhancing aquaculture efficiency and sustainability.

GIFAS is a privately owned independent research institution established in 1989 providing experimental facilities for the aquaculture industry. GIFAS works with an international client base that ranges from industry to educational institutes, undertaking both collaborative and commissioned research. GIFAS also undertake internally derived research projects for the aquaculture industry.

The DOMMRS has been in operation since 1991 originally as part of the Aquaculture and Development Centre(ADC), University College Cork. In late 2005 it was established as an independent research station with a hatchery and both commercial scale shellfish and finfish farms, focusing on aquaculture husbandry, minimising waste in the aquaculture and fisheries production process.

Seawave was established in 1995 and operates in the area of Vasiliko/Zygi on the southern coast of Cyprus. It cultivates Mediterranean sea bream (Sparus aurata), sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and meagre (Argyrosomus regius) and has requested to expand production. Currently, about 70% of the products are exported and the rest supplies the domestic Cypriot market.

Aqua has been producing seabass and seabream offshore since 2000, located in the Ligurian Sea near Genova. The licensed area is 200,000 square meters and an average depth of 40 meters. Aqua has 12 submersible cages and adopts a voluntary Best Management Practices and subscribed technical policies for production with several large-scale retail traders.

MER is an environmental consultant SME formed in 2008 and based in Cyprus. It carries out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and monitoring studies for desalination plants, marinas/harbours, wave breakers, power stations and aquaculture facilities in the coastal waters of the Cyprus. MER is the environmental consultant the majority of the aquaculture farms operating in Cyprus.

The University of Haifa provides academic and research facilities to a diverse student body, drawn from all sectors of Israeli society. The domains of research and education at the university facilitate an inter-disciplinary combination typifying the forefront of academic research and knowledge-intensive firms. Much of the University's research is carried out in forty institutes, centers and laboratories.

Bioforsk is a national R&D institute under the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The main areas of competence are linked to food quality and safety, agriculture and rural development, environmental protection and natural resources management. Bioforsk also has competences within the subjects of environmental protection and natural resources management and organic farming.

The Department for the Study of the Territory and its Resources of the University of Genova is an Academic Government Institution focused on teaching and researching marine biology and ecology, part in the PhD School of Marine Environmental Sciencesn and is involved in marine ecology, in fishery resources assessment, in ecotoxicology, aquaculture and environmental friendly activities.

CML is a major player in methods development for sustainability analysis, with a key role in LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), EE-IOA (Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis) and Hybrid LCA. Since ample two years, CML is involved in the EU FP7 SEAT project as partner responsible for performing LCA studies of selected aquaculture systems in South-East Asia.

ETA has over 15 years of experience in dissemination activities, including conference and exhibition organisation and realisation. Among the activities undertaken by ETA are the conception, preparation, organisation and management of a series of high level and large-scale international conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions, mainly in the field of renewable energies.