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How can Longline help?

Aquaculture and fisheries are at the core of our business. We deliver value-added services to the aquaculture and fisheries sectors, increasing efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint.

Collaborative Research

Longline engages in research initiatives for aquaculture, fisheries, ecology and climate change, leveraging product and service development together with major research centres worldwide.

Aquaculture Investor Index

The Aquaculture Investor Index is the first aquaculture index ranking the competitiveness of the aquaculture industry across Europe, assigning a score for each country.

Why Aquaculture Matter

Gain insight into the aquaculture growth story. An increasing population and reduction in capture fisheries means that aquaculture is viewed as the main solution for marine protein production.

Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture is the cultivation of finfish, bivalve shellfish, algae and echinoderms. IMTA reduces inputs, maximizes resource productivity and minimizes waste.

Nitrogen Credits

Nitrogen pollution can be offset through extractive aquaculture. Nitrogen credits is an innovative framework whereby shellfish aquaculture can unlock value through pollution abatement.