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Who we are provides information about Longline, our objectives and the company in general, as well as some of links to research institutions that we collaborate closely with.

Our Track Record maps a cross section of different marine environmental projects we have participated and their geographical scope, in areas such as aquaculture, fisheries and pollution.

Every product or service we launch is based on solid science. Every year our team publish articles in numerous peer reviewed publications. Find key publications and other factsheets.

Our vision is to challenge the status quo in the aquaculture and fisheries sectors. We look to push the boundaries of knowledge and provide innovative solutions for industry.

Our mission outlines our values with respect to marine consultancy in the aquaculture and fisheries sectors. We outline our guiding principles for current and prospective clients.


Longline Environment News

We keep our all latest news updated through our social media outlets. You'll find a range of information about our projects, updates and thoughts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.